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For Developers

This section is a grab bag of topics, how-tos, links, etc. for developers who want to work with LWC under the hood. We’ll be expanding it as our developers get more engaged with this documentation; if there’s something you’d like to see here, hit us up.

Important links

The LiveWhale developer site: 

The LiveWhale Developers Forum (a private Basecamp project; contact us to be added to the list): 

White Whale on Github (a private repo; let us know and we can give you read access) 

LWDC: the LiveWhale Developers Conference
Our annual conference is primarily for LiveWhale CMS developers, but if we’re holding it near you, there’s probably something of interest for you as well!) 

Connecting with us

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Developer community

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Sample code and contributed plugins

These are a few custom projects that our developers (in-house and at schools around the world) have created.

Add Suggest to Main Calendar
The “suggest to group” box is really useful, but there are so many groups on most of your installs— and often there’s a single group that gets most of the suggestions (usually the homepage).  This module is called suggest_to, and it adds an extra checkbox above the group select box.  It’s a shortcut to suggest to the specific group of your choice.

A onLoad() handler can be used in a public app to intercept all RSS requests and override the setting that controls the thumbnail size, before the RSS feed is generated.

Adding a stylesheet or script to the backend
There are some cases in which customizing a backend LiveWhale interface is necessary, yet the backend does not use Themes and instead depends on core styles and scripts. There is a best practices way to implement a custom script or stylesheet to the backend.

LiveWhale’s PHP-based time defaults giving your AP- or Chicago-style enforcer fits? You can update your time defaults site-wide with this small application module.