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Get your whole community involved in telling your story

Create news, events, images and more and make them available throughout your institution. And if you don’t have the time to keep a lot of content up to date (imagine that!), it’s easy to find and use community-created content.

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Built with Bootstrap (or built to order)

LiveWhale now ships with Twitter Bootstrap installed as a starter theme.  This means it’s possible to get Web pages up and running in minutes, with all sorts of pre-built layouts and behaviors in place.  

Of course, you don’t have to use Bootstrap; if your site’s designed by a company like us, you may build the entire theme to order.  You can even apply LiveWhale to your existing site, and not use themes at all.

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Free upgrades and tech support for life.

Having all our clients on the same version means the improvements we make to our codebase can be shared with all our clients. That’s why upgrades to LiveWhale are always free.

The same goes for tech support. If you’re having a hard time using our system, that’s our problem too, and we want to hear about it. So every LiveWhale account comes with unlimited e-mail tech support.

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Straightforward, simple pricing. No surprises.

Simply select the services you need and total them up. LiveWhale pricing is totally transparent. No add-ons, no hidden fees. Need help with migration and implementation? Would you like us to provide cloud hosting? We offer the same straightforward pricing and support. 



Built for Web 2.0 (and 2.8, and 3.4)

Tagging, sharing, and content reuse are the building blocks of a LiveWhale-powered site. LiveWhale both consumes and produces RSS and ICAL feeds, allowing you to import content from anywhere on the Web— and easily syndicate your own content for subscription with Web standards. 

One-click page editing

One-click editing means users can change content right on the page. Go to your page, click Edit Page, make your changes, click Save.  Training’s over!

Purpose-built for higher education by higher education content experts, LiveWhale CMS offers a single, intuitive interface that gives each member of your community the tools to tell their stories.

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Full-featured event calendaring built in

Solve two huge problems for the price of one. LiveWhale CMS includes all the features and functionality of LiveWhale Calendar, an incredibly robust and beautifully simple event calendaring system.

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Manage stories, events, profiles, photo galleries, web forms, and more

There’s more to content management than just page editing. LiveWhale’s back end tools allow users and groups throughout your institution to easily manage dynamic content of all types.

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An open development platform to make whatever you need

LiveWhale CMS is built on an open development platform and includes full access to application source code with hooks, APIs and a fully documented process for customization. With built-in support for search, site analytics, geolocation, an integrated event calendar, e-commerce support and lots more, LiveWhale can do almost anything. 

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Designed by and for human beings.

LiveWhale is a product of White Whale Web Services, a small California-based company that has been working collaboratively with great colleges and universities throughout North America for almost a decade. The evolution of our software is driven by the needs of our users, many of whom have taken an active role in developing for the LiveWhale platform.

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