What’s New in LiveWhale 2.15.1

This follow-up patch release addresses a few important errors introduced in 2.15.0 as well as including ongoing accessibility improvements and a number of other less-critical bug fixes.

Accessibility improvements

The following improvements have been made to the front-end calendar.

  • For keyboard and screen-reader users
    • The default “Search events” component now has a focusable (but visually hidden) submit button using the new class=”lw_sr_only_focusable”. (To improve visual styling for keyboard users, consider display:flex on the container of your themed search form.)
  • For screen-reader users
    • The month view table now has a screen-reader-only “caption” tag that updates as the current month is changed.
    • When the #lw_cal_this_day header is empty, it now gets hidden to avoid empty-header warnings.
    • The view selector (day, week, month, all) now has aria-current=”true” added to the currently selected view.
    • The “Close Event” button in event details view now has a more descriptive screen-reader label.
    • The Subscribe button no longer needs to be an <a> tag - instead, you can use <button class=”lw_cal_subscribe_button”> for better semantic HTML (<a> still supported for backwards compatibility).
    • The Subscribe modal now has more descriptive ARIA labels on each individual RSS/iCal link.

Search and QuickAccess

  • Added a new setting to the QuickAccess options to specify a results div by ID (data-qa-results-div-id=”id-of-results-div”). This is an alternative to the default behavior where a results container is automatically added after your form input. 


  • Fixes for bugs introduced in LiveWhale 2.15.0:
    • Fixed an issue that could cause certain widget settings to result in PHP8 errors.
    • Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent a custom module from loading properly.
  • Added code to prevent redirect loops on the calendar when the url of a linked calendar event is the same as the current url.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented changes to RSVPs in the RSVP manager.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect pagination behavior on certain managers when remembering the state of the last visited page (e.g., in the RSVP manager).
  • Fixed an issue that caused admin-only tags to be copied to other groups when content with those tags got moved between groups.
  • Fixed periodic visual bugs with overflowing content on the profile and widget editor screens.
  • Fixed an issue that could interfere with double-click to edit WYSIWYG images that are owned by other groups.
  • LiveWhale Calendar Only
    • Fixed an issue with using the &filter= setting in embedded widgets.
  • LiveWhale CMS Only
    • Fixed an issue that could cause erroneous 404 page errors referencing local links to dynamic content.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented profile types with location=”none” (never display) from being used in custom sort orderings.

Developer options

  • The date range separator ( - ) is now configurable to replace with other dash types (e.g., –) with or without spaces. This setting is available in sample.public.config.php: $_LW->REGISTERED_WIDGETS[‘events’][‘custom’][‘date_range_separator’]=’ - ‘;
  • Calendar initialization now waits until document ready to allow custom code to bind to the calBeforeInit event. This fixes an issue that was causing custom functions triggered by calBeforeInit to not run in time for the calendar initialization, preventing them from altering certain core functionality. (In testing, this change only delays calendar initialization by around 1/100th of a second.)

April 19, 2024

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