What’s New in LiveWhale 2.14.0

This minor release includes new ways to display related content in LiveWhale CMS, as well as bug fixes around deleted content, customizable URLs, the toolbar, and more.

New related content widget settings

In LiveWhale CMS, you might be displaying Related Content on your news and profile pages – starting in LiveWhale 2.14.0, we’ve greatly increased the design flexibility around how you show related content with new widget settings. For any widget type, you can add the new setting my_related_content to show items related to the current item (or specify a certain type by my_related_content_type). Similarly, if you’re using a widget with the related_to setting, you can also specify related_to_type to limit to certain types of results. [docs]

Blurb widget templates

When using Insert > Blurb in LiveWhale CMS, the output format has been dictated by the default widget template for blurbs. And, while you can customize that default widget template, we found often you’ll want different formatting for different blurb types. Now, you can now specify a widget template for each blurb type that will be used when Insert > Blurb is selected for that blurb (or any other blurbs widget where id is specified).

More customizable gallery headers

The widget setting “header” is now available on inline galleries in LiveWhale CMS. Headers are not automatically added to the output, as with other widgets, however, use of the header format variable is permitted. This allows you to incorporate the header into your gallery design, but also override the header text on a per-use basis more easily.

Behavior adjustments

  • The location auto-suggestion that appears when you type will now show global locations and your group’s locations (it had erroneously been showing locations from all groups).
  • LiveWhale CMS Only
    • When a page is deleted, LiveWhale now removes not just the empty parent directory of that page, but also other empty parent directories up to the web root.
    • When a form is attached to an event RSVP, the confirmation email for the RSVP now includes the form responses.


  • Fixed an issue where deleting an entire group, and then restoring it, would result in some of that group’s content being restorable from trash and others not.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause some repeating events to be placed into the trash when performing bulk actions from the events manager.
  • Fixed an issue where “Share to Group” dropdown would make full copies rather than normal “Accept as Live” linked copies.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields erroneously allowed dashes to be used in their names, which could lead to frontend loading issues.
  • Fixed an incompatibility between the locations widget and the exclude_group arg.
  • Fixed an issue with the places widget that prevented images from displaying when desired in custom marker formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where customized file URLs wouldn’t work if they started with another file’s ID number.
  • Fixed ?id= backwards-compatibility support for Issues, as well as ensuring that Issues list widgets use the correct customizable URL rather than the legacy ?id= format.
  • Fixed a 404 error that would come up when embedding LiveWhale Calendar widgets when no global/styles/widgets.css stylesheet was present. Now, when that stylesheet is requested specifically, it has a special case to return a 200 OK message with the empty response instead of 404 Not Found.
  • Added an error message when trying to move an event into another group where a shared copy of that event already exists.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the “Edit this item” link from displaying on the frontend in details-viewing contexts.
  • LiveWhale redirects are now considered before redirecting from archived slugs or non-canonical detail requests to the canonical url.
  • Fixed an issue with validating new redirects where it could erroneously warn that a directory exists even if a page did not exist at the specified url.
  • Fixed an issue where the group switcher would not immediately update when a group was restored from the trash.
  • Fixed an edge-case bug that could sometimes cause foo/ and foo.php to get caught in an infinite redirect loop.
  • Fixed an issue with the functionality and appearance of the Collection dropdown on the Bulk Upload Images tool.
  • Fixed an issue with viewing stories in a LiveWhale Issue, where a link copy did not pull variables for the associated Issue after redirecting to the original.
  • Fixed an issue where LiveWhale Issues did not properly set the url variable for the Issue homepage.
  • Fixed an issue with LiveWhale Forms where missing field error messages wouldn’t always appear alongside the screen-reader announcement.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented files, tags, and locations from appearing as links in the toolbox for Publisher users.

Developer options

  • The XPHP text and text-content casts, as well as *_clean variables, now strip any leading or trailing whitespace from the output.
  • You can now enable editors to insert code snippets into their WYSIWYG fields by seeing ENABLE_CODE_SAMPLES=true in the config.
  • Added a host setting for RESTRICT_COOKIES_TO_SUBDOMAIN which disables multiple-domain support but can be used to avoid auto-deletion of login cookies by certain external scripts.


  • Reduced overall CPU usage during the processing of linked calendars on an hourly basis.
  • Tracking of LiveWhale uploads for instant data-recovery is now limited to a 2 year upload history.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with MySQL 5.x affecting breadcrumb widgets using the use_current_path option.

January 26, 2024

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