What’s New in LiveWhale 2.13.0

This minor release includes new widget options, improved linked calendar error-correction, and more.

New widget options: min_image_size and header

When creating widgets in LiveWhale, you’ve always been able to specify “Only show items with an image?” and configure the image width and height. However, content with images smaller than still gets included, with their images cropped as close as possible to your specifications. Now, a new option “Exclude results with images that aren’t big enough?” (min_image_size=true) allows you stricter control of that behavior, for when you’re managing highly-designed widgets that need to look just right. When enabled, results with images smaller than your specified width/height will be skipped.

You can now also use the header and header_clean format variables inside of individual widget results (the format setting), in case you have a design where the header needs to appear with each result. [docs]

Linked Calendar auto-repair and saved customizations

Every iCal feed should have a unique ID (UID) assigned to every event, which is how systems can sync updates to pre-existing events. However, in rare cases we’ve seen some systems erroneously reassign new UIDs, making it look like a set of all-new events—for Linked Calendars, that means all the existing events get deleted (including any customizations), and new ones get re-created from the feed data. Now, linked calendars can auto-repair UID changes in iCal feeds if the event title and date/time stays the same over the UID change.

Also, when items do get removed during a Linked Calendar sync, they will now go into Deleted Items where they can be restored (including any per-event customizations you’ve done) as a native LiveWhale event. This is intended as a stop-gap for events that disappear from your source iCal files but you still want appearing on your calendar. 

LiveWhale CMS: Blurbs as related content

Blurbs that have their own details pages (that is, where “Allow this blurb to appear on a page by itself” is checked off) can now also be set as Related Content for other content types in LiveWhale CMS.

Behavior adjustments

  • The events RSS endpoint will now supply audience and campus types when configured, in addition to the existing categories.

Search and QuickAccess

  • Fixed an issue where searching for content with “+” in the title would not find a match due to the handling of the “+” character as a search operator.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the RSVP styling (payments.css/less/scss) from being overridden by a matching file in the global theme. Now, any time a theme CSS or JS file is requested from the core theme, the corresponding global version will be used as an override if available.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes changing group permissions for profile or blurb types could revoke access to Live content. Now, group access to a global profile or blurb type is locked if the group has content of that type.
  • Fixed an edge-case issue where HTML comments in a file include could become double-encoded, resulting in unintended markup.
  • Fixed an issue where the tools for adding tags/settings to a widget via the Insert/Edit Widget interface were missing for some users depending on their group membership or permissions. Those tools are now available to all editors.
  • Fixed an issue where the “delete” link in the editor sidebar could sometimes collide with other elements at certain screen sizes.
  • Fixed an edge-case bug that caused Related Content to sometimes not appear.
  • Fixed an issue with the /live/tags endpoint that wouldn’t show results when the tag name contained a comma. Multiple tags can still be indicated with |-separation.
  • Fixed an issue preventing today facts from displaying when AP-style dates are configured.
  • Fixed an edge-case issue that prevented certain custom module code from running during some non-browser activities (such as sitemap regeneration).

November 17, 2023

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