What’s New in LiveWhale 2.10.8

This patch release includes improvements to restoring deleted images, content sync, cache cleanup, and other bug fixes.

Behavior adjustments

  • When restoring an image from the trash, if content that previously used that image have not had new images assigned, they will have their use of the image restored.
  • Robots.txt files will now reference the https:// version of the sitemap rather than http:// for sites that support SSL.


  • Fixed an issue where the group-level configuration of available event types in the event editor could sometimes fail to reflect those customizations.
  • Fixed a small PHP compatibility error affecting schools who have configured FITVIDS_IGNORE_CLASSES.
  • LiveWhale CMS Only: Fixed an issue where renaming a group directory from the file browser would fail to properly recalculate group-level page editing permissions afterward.

Developer options

  • When embedding an image by ID, it is now possible to use id=placeholder to represent the ID of the placeholder image as defined by the new PLACEHOLDER_IMAGE config setting. [docs]
  • Development servers for sites using multiple domains/subdomains can now configure a SYNC_HOST for each hostname record in order to map content from production domains onto dev domains during the content sync process.


  • Fixed a memory issue that could occur when trying to sync uploaded CMS files.
  • Fixed a rare memory issue in very large pages with certain captioned images.
  • Improved internal cache cleanup mechanism to work more efficiently with secondary web nodes.

August 25, 2023

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