What’s New in LiveWhale 2.10.7

This patch release includes accessibility improvements for WCAG 2.1, better field-length checking when saving, and other bug fixes.

Accessibility improvements

  • Increased conformance with WCAG 2.1
    • New aria-live announcements added to form, RSVP, related content, and save changes status messages.
    • Added autocomplete to RSVP form.
    • Updated decorative image tooltip to use a modal for compliance with WCAG 1.4.13 Content on Hover or Focus.
    • Resolved some fieldset/label errors when using LiveWhale custom fields.
    • Matched visible labels to accessible labels for search and calendar view selector.
  • Fixed an issue where list widgets would sometimes not use custom alt text for the alt attribute of an image.

Behavior adjustments

  • Updated field length checking so customized maximums are checked against visible text characters before saving (disregarding the length of any invisible HTML markup). A new back-end check has been added on save to verify that data doesn’t exceed the database maximums.
  • Updated section navigation behavior and allows easier fallbacks with show_section_navigation. [docs]


  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong days to display on the calendar week view during the daylight savings transition.
  • Fixed an issue where font lines in theme .scss files could sometimes break styles if the font URL contained a semicolon.
  • LiveWhale Storyteller Only: Fixed a bug in the toolbar that prevented the Files/Tags/Location manager links from appearing in the toolbox for some users.
  • LiveWhale CMS Only
    • Fixed an issue where quick access results remained highlighted after hover.
    • Fixed an issue where a profile linking to another profile would not properly redirect.
    • Updated the Instagram widget to accommodate JPG images sent from the Instragram Graph API with the .heic extension.

Developer options

  • Remove deprecated Stripe v1 integration, maintaining infrastructure to support updated payment gateways in the future.


  • Revamped how XPHP error handling works in order to silence “Cannot use output buffering” in error logs.

August 04, 2023

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