What’s New in LiveWhale 2.10.4

This patch release includes bug-fixes around event RSVPs, WYSIWYG image inserting, and more.

Accessibility improvements

  • Improved the accessibility of Event RSVP form validation errors by announcing them to screen readers using aria-atomic.

Behavior adjustments

  • Minor UI change: Updated the events widget editor to clarify that, by default, all events after “now” are shown, rather than events starting “today.”
  • LiveWhale Storyteller Only: Updated the toolbar with “Dashboard” and “Go to Site” links rather than specific “Front Page” and “Main Calendar” URLs.


  • Fixed a front-end calendar bug that caused the local timezone to output as “undefined” when an event’s timezone was different than the user’s timezone
  • Fixed an issue where calendar URLs using /event_id/### weren’t backwards-compatible in every intended case.
  • Processes any existing saved news stories to repair the date record that, following a recent fix, was sometimes showing off by one day in the LiveWhale back-end.
  • When saving a news story, blurb, or gallery that is part of an Issue, the Issue details page cache is now expired rather than requiring a 5min wait.
  • Fixed an issue where @charset definitions in theme CSS files could sometimes cause nearby rules to be truncated.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in LiveWhale 2.10.3 that caused half-column images to not fill the correct width.
  • Fixed an issue where a public submission with an image would save the image but not attach it to the submitted item when a custom required field has been configured for the LiveWhale installation.
  • Added some missing labels to the JSON events endpoint for event repeating frequencies (MWF, TR, and yearly).
  • Fixed an issue where WYSIWYG editors that disallow block-level HTML elements (like image captions) were erroneously allowing block elements when they included CSS classes or other additional markup.
  • Fixed display issues—including a hidden submit button—when LiveWhale CMS forms were added to Event RSVPs.
  • Fixed an edge-case issue where the view selector could disappear when embedding a calendar view using ?iframe=1.
  • Fixed an issue where curly quotes used inside of a simple conditional formatting variable in the widget editor could cause unintended behavior.

Developer options

  • SMTP email notification errors will now be logged to all nodes in a load-balanced environment, to avoid administrators from missing errors on another node.


  • Modernized the architecture for saving LiveWhale variables behind-the-scenes to improve performance.

June 02, 2023

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