What’s New in LiveWhale 2.10.3

This patch release includes bug fixes affecting widget formatting, inserted images, and more.

Behavior adjustments

  • The “With checked items…” manager dropdown now includes a “Remove tag…” option.
  • Added automatic translation of unique CampusGroups iCal format, mapping CampusGroups event types onto Livewhale event types and CampusGroups event tags onto LiveWhale tags during Linked Calendar imports.
    • CATEGORIES;X-CG-CATEGORY=club_acronym maps to X-LIVEWHALE-CAMPUSGROUPS-CLUB (can be manipulated from there via custom module if desired)


  • Fixed an issue where links to individual events might not render if they were not included from that calendar’s category_campus or category_audience settings.
  • Fixed a follow-up timezone issue affecting back-end display of news story dates.
  • Fixed an issue where HTML header tags were being stripped from widget formatting settings.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-generated news sitemaps were missing a reference to the Google News schema.
  • Fixed a calendar performance issue that could occur due to improper validation of some event locations.
  • Fixed an issue where repeating events from a Linked Calendar could sometimes be excluded from widget views, even with hide_repeats=false.
  • Fixed an issue where full- or half-column images inserted into a wysiwyg area could overspill the width of their parent containers.
  • Added a missing validation check when saving an image to ensure keywords don’t exceed the allowable length.
  • LiveWhale CMS Only
    • Fixed an issue the front-end calculation of group ownership that prevented group-specific theming of details pages, and an issue where a subdirectory of a group-owned directory would not have the correct group owner/theme.
    • Fixed a bug that broke the datepicker on forms added to WYSIWYG fields.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented Issues with customizable URLs from showing the correct content.
    • When saving a news story, blurb, or gallery that is part of an Issue, the Issue details page cache is now expired rather than requiring a 5min wait.
    • Fixed an issue with saving blogs posts that manually link to an external url.


  • SAML logins can now configure to disable the requestedAuthnContext from their integrations, which may allow for easier non-password login modes (USB key, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where the recently upgraded Pel library for EXIF support did not run properly on PHP 5.6 installs. Added a secondary Pel library to maintain support for PHP 5.6.

May 19, 2023

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