What’s New in LiveWhale 2.9.3

This patch release contains a fix for a WYSIWYG paste bug introduced in 2.9.2 as well as a handful of other bug fixes.


  • Fixed a bug (introduced in LiveWhale 2.9.2) that prevented LiveWhale users from pasting into editable WYSIWYG areas.
  • Fixed a bug in the JSON API event endpoint that mistakenly used the same value for the ISO start date (date_iso) and end date (date2_iso).
  • Fixed an edge-case issue that prevented some events that spanned multiple years from being returned in certain results.
  • Fixed an issue where the makeMailtoLinks helper function, used in some calendar themes, could mistakenly double-apply to email addresses already wrapped in a mailto link.
  • LiveWhale CMS Only: Fixed an issue where the ignore_cropper=true setting wasn’t being honored in inline galleries.

April 20, 2023

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