What’s New in LiveWhale 2.9.1

This patch release includes some new developer options for custom fields and a number of bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements.

Behavior adjustments

  • In iCal event exports, custom fields now are marked with a single “X-LIVEWHALE-CUSTOM-” prefix, removing the erroneously doubled “CUSTOM-CUSTOM-”.

    If you have any customizations or applications expecting the old “CUSTOM-CUSTOM-” field name, be sure to update those when you upgrade, or reach out to support for assistance.
  • When creating a new widget in LiveWhale Calendar or Storyteller, the user’s current group is now set as the default group in the widget editor.


  • Fixed an issue where the shorthand (%%xphp) syntax could be parsed too early when saved into backend editor fields.
  • Fixed validation of public submissions when adding required custom fields.
  • Fixed an issue where event reminders and follow-ups were sent to Cancelled RSVPs. Now cancelled registrations are excluded from those emails.
  • Fixed an issue with where custom widget pagination (overriding a default widget template) was sometimes lost when clicking pagination links.
  • Fixed a small visual mialignment in the Event Type sidebar star icon.

Developer options

  • Custom fields can now have a “is_details” setting that, when true, removes them from the editor for shared and linked content and also skips is_required validation in those cases. It also generates a news/event details link when that custom field is filled in, even if otherwise there would be no details to show. [docs]
  • Custom fields added to groups are now available to backend.js customizations using livewhale.group_custom_fields.
  • If you are a LiveWhale CMS or Storyteller site using Issues:
    • Fixed an issue with the preservation of smart quotes in issue titles.
    • Fixed an issue where linked copies of hidden content didn’t appear when using ?include_hidden=1.
    • Extended the Issues functionality to allow hard-coding a details page to show only a single issue.
    • Added support for galleries in Issues.


  • Added IGNORE_GET_VARIABLES configuration that tells the LiveWhale cache to ignore differences in specified GET variables (for email marketing tracking, for instance) when generating cached results.
  • LiveWhale CMS: Extended the allowed length of profile fields from 65,535 characters to 16,777,215 characters (TEXT to MEDIUMTEXT). This prevents very long profile values from being cut-off on save.
  • Minor optimization to the database index for event types.

March 31, 2023

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