What’s New in LiveWhale 2.8.1

This patch release includes a few widget and content layout formatting bug fixes as well as small changes to the news API options and hidden content behavior.

Behavior adjustments

  • When attempting to view hidden dynamic content, LiveWhale now redirects to the login screen rather than returning a 404 response.


  • Fixed an issue where widgets wouldn’t support results going inside an HTML select dropdown, and restored the ability to override format_widget on the public submission form location and tags selectors.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented image captions from transfering to the gallery when selecting an image.
  • Fixed an issue where ñ characters were erroneously encoded, causing group/tag/etc. logic to fail to match.
  • Fixed an issue where certain content layouts could end up with self-closing a tags which would then break certain XHTML parsing.
  • Fix a bug that caused a JS error when a public submission form contained a form element with no action attribute.

Developer options

  • The news, blurb, and gallery modules now support an optional response field “date_extended” in the JSON v2 endpoint, which adds various formatted timestamps (date_ts, date_utc, and date_iso) to the response, in addition to the human-readable date field.


  • Updated LiveWhale CMS’s page accessibility checker to remove the local achecker fallback as it was occasionally causing issues. All LiveWhale CMS accessibility scans will now call out to our in-house API server (available since LiveWhale 2.4.0).

February 10, 2023

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