What’s New in LiveWhale 2.7.2

This patch release contains bug fixes pertaining to image and file uploads, conditional widget formatting cases, and more.

Behavior adjustments

  • Downloads from the /live/csv endpoint will now be named after the data type (events.csv, news.csv, profiles.csv) rather than the generic api_results.csv.
  • Extend automatically-generated og:image metatags to also automatically provide the og:image:secure_url metatag for sites that support HTTPS.


  • Fixed an issue with the default gallery where the icon indicating multiple images wouldn’t appear in the right position when in wide content areas.

  • Fixed an issue where the last instance of a multi-day event that should be flagged as all day was not.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Quick Upload tool on the Files library from accepting uploads.

  • Fixed an issue where a newly uploaded image being attached to another piece of content would fail to validate if only alt text was supplied and not a caption.

  • Widget Formatting

    • Fixed an issue where certain content wrapped in curly brackets were parsed as format variables in widgets when they were not.

    • Fixed a bug causing incorrect conditional logic when using curly-braced format variables on a value containing a vertical bar.

    • Fixed an issue where shorthand field vars in format args did not work properly without the fully verbose tag being present.

  • Fixed a version-specific crasher with the imagick PHP module related to webp image handling.

  • Fixed an issue where global content could fail to appear in the trash.

  • Fixed a situation in which previously-added modern image formats (picture, source) were erroneously stripped from output.

  • Fixed an issue with the not_equals filter condition that could cause it to ignore null values.

  • Fixed an issue where ampersands could sometimes be incorrectly encoded within javascript blocks.

  • Fixed an issue where ICAL event titles could have encoded ampersands when viewed in Outlook.

  • Fixed a rare crashing bug with a particular widget arg scenario.

  • LiveWhale CMS Only: Fixed pagination on the backend Page Notes manager.


  • Updated database configurations to fix INT column compatibility for MySQL 8.0.

December 02, 2022

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