What’s new in LiveWhale 2.4.1

This patch release contains backwards-compatible bug fixes and adjustments around search weighting, WYSIWYG editing, and more.

Behavior adjustments

  • The group switcher now remembers recently used groups across multiple login sessions.
  • In your front-end calendar, the “Calendars” component will now link to all group calendars with a calendar URL, even if that calendar’s events are excluded from the current view.
  • Added is_canceled=1 flag to the JSON endpoint response for canceled events.
  • Refactored the deprecated cors-calendar.js to pull a matching script from your global theme, if exists, to assist with backwards-compatibility or redirects if you have sites currently loading the core cors-calendar.js.

Search and QuickAccess

  • Fixed an issue with inaccurate search results when searching by a full name containing a hyphen.
  • Fixed an issue where low-relevancy results could sometimes be dropped from single-word searches.
  • Removed the word “welcome” from a list of excluded search terms so searches like “Welcome to…” can be used when looking up images or other content.
  • Fixed bug that added a spinner over the related content search results, making it impossible to select an item.
  • Livewhale CMS Only
    • Fixed an issue where html entities like ampersand were appearing in QuickAccess drop down results.
    • Fixed an issue where pages being excluded from the front-end (URLs including .test. or /_) were not appearing in the back-end “Add to Navigation” tool.

WYSIWYG editing

  • WYSIWYG limited fields in dynamic content (e.g., Summary) are now automatically formatted with paragraph tag wrappers consistently, unless alternate formatting is entered.
  • When pasting iframe code into the Insert > Media embed tool, LiveWhale now pre-populates the accessible title with the value of the iframe’s title attribute, if it has one.
  • Livewhale CMS Only: Fixed an issue where, when page editing, uploading an image wouldn’t immediately select it in the Insert Image dialogue depending on what group you were in.


  • Fixed an issue where the last tag attached to an item could not be removed.
  • Fixed an issue where XPHP inside HTML comments could sometimes generate malformed output.
  • Fixed an edge case issue where multiple conditional widget args inside a shorthand XPHP conditional block would be ignored.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong group directory value on some group calendars.
  • Fixed an issue where embedded videos were sometimes not getting the correct responsive aspect ratio in cases where the width or height contained a decimal.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields marked as required could sometimes not trigger a requirement warning if left blank.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some of a user’s content type authorizations to be lost when un-checking the administrator permission.
  • Fixed an issue where very long og:image meta tags could have their value cut off and fail to present a valid image url.
  • Fixed an issue where inline widget placeholders (introduced in LiveWhale 2.4.0) only showed generic type names when a saved widget was also in use on the page.
  • Fixed an issue where moving between the mobile and desktop toolbar navigations could cause the toolbar links to be hidden.
  • Fixed an issue where uploading an image and adding a caption from the Insert Image modal wouldn’t include the newly-added caption in the Insert Image options.
  • Fixed an issue where certain SVGs could be missing from file includes.
  • Fixed an issue where the image bulk upload option still appeared for users lacking image upload permissions.


  • Updated SAML metadata to always include the SP certificate twice (for signing and encryption) and to add a far-future expiration date.
  • Extended protections against an infinite loop caused by file widgets that 404 which are themselves part of the 404 template.
  • Resolved a security notice from npm by upgrading node-sass from 7.0.1 to 7.0.3.
  • Added a new setting DISABLE_PUBLIC_SUBMISSION_EMAILS that disables all notifications for the public submission form. This is most useful if you are implementing your own notification code using the onPublicSubmission handler.

September 30, 2022

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