What’s new in LiveWhale 2.4.0

This minor release contains a new approach to event titles, redesigned widget placeholders, bug fixes, performance improvements, and more.

Updated SEO titles for events

When navigating LiveWhale Calendar (or a calendar on your LiveWhale CMS website), the current calendar view or event title has always been added to the end of the browser’s <title>.

Old and New Event Titles Following feedback from the LiveWhale community, we’ve decided to flip that with LiveWhale 2.4.0—now, view and event titles will appear before your page title. They will be added into the <title> tag directly on page load as an SEO improvement (instead of just the og:title metatag).

Additionally, as you’ll see in the example above, if you are using a separator in your <title> like ·, •, or | (that’s middot, bullet, or vertical line), LiveWhale 2.4.0 will detect that and use the same separator when adding your event title. If none is found, it will fallback to using a forward slash / like before.

Redesigned widget placeholders

In LiveWhale CMS and Storyteller you’ll often insert widgets (news, profiles, galleries, and more) in the middle of your pages and other content. Widgets, pasted scripts, XPHP variables, and XPHP code blocks all showed a placeholder when editing that’s been overdue for a visual refresh:

Old Widget Placeholders

LiveWhale 2.4.0 gives those placeholders an updated, streamlined aesthetic:

New Widget Placeholders

We also now provide more info about your widgets at a glance. If you use any widgets with customized inline settings, you’ll now see those settings listed right in the placeholder:

New inline widget placeholder

We have lots of exciting ideas for making the editing experience more transparent, intuitive, and beautiful in future upgrades, but we’re pleased to be delivering this big “leap” forward with LiveWhale 2.4.0.

Behavior adjustments

  • Pagination is now automatically disabled when using the id arg on a widget to return a single result.
  • There are now more types of URL misspellings (dashes vs underscores, for example) that LiveWhale CMS can automatically fix via redirection.
  • When using a custom field with show_filter enabled, the sidebar filter now has an “Any value” option.
  • When using a custom dropdown field that is required and has a default value, that dropdown will no longer give the user an empty option.
  • LiveWhale Storyteller Only
    • Added an “Edit this item” link to the frontend toolbar when viewing a story.


  • Fixed an issue where trailing events in a repeating series might not get created if the repeat range crosses daylight savings time.
  • Fixed an issue where custom checkbox fields wouldn’t be pre-checked when a “default” value was specified in the configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where hard-coded links to stylesheets were losing their media (print, screen) attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where an erroneously self-closing XPHP conditional could break output.
  • Fixed an issue where attaching a library image to a piece of content did not pre-populate the default caption.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the crop preview after uploading an image.
  • Fixed an issue where images being imported to the library via URL were failing when there was a mismatch between the extension and actual file format.
  • LiveWhale CMS Only
    • Fixed an issue where the event title wasn’t populating in the URL when redirecting from /live/events/ID to the front-end calendar /events/ view.
    • Fixed an issue where LiveWhale Forms containing a timepicker weren’t being styled properly.
    • Fixed an issue where links incorporating shorthand XPHP vars () could cause false positives on the Page Errors 404 report.
    • When using magazine issues, the issues template can now appear in search results, widgets, and added to navigations.
    • Fixed an issue where malformed SVGs in file widget includes could sometimes cause the include to be ignored.
    • Fixed an issue where the add new directory button in the file browser failed to submit.
    • Fixed an issue where, when searching for a page to add to a navigation, the search results could sometimes overspill the visible area.

Developer options

  • Choosing the developer option “disable minimization and client-side browser caching of all scripts and stylesheets” for your user will now also opt out of script and stylesheet concatenation, so they’ll appear in your source code as separate files.
  • Add a new initOverlay event to the imageEditor overlay jQuery plugin, for the case where a custom module might want to interact with the “Insert Image” overlay.
  • Added a new function $_LW->displayCustomFieldFormInput($id) which offers a shorthand method for deploying the HTML markup of a custom field’s input automatically, using the configured custom field attributes.


  • Removed code for now-deprecated CORS calendar mode.
  • LiveWhale CMS now attempts to use an in-house API server for accessibility checking before falling back on the local achecker installation.
  • Silenced unnecessary SAML warning message from logs.
  • XPHP blocks found within HTML comments are now automatically disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting an installation’s unique identifier on only one web node could cause a mismatch on others.
  • Improved handling of quotes in pre-serialized data being saved to the database.
  • Upgraded to PHPMailer 6.6.4 for SMTP integration.
  • Improved PHP 8.1 compatibility.

September 09, 2022

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