What’s new in LiveWhale 2.0.1

This patch release contains backwards-compatible bug fixes and adjustments around calendar template displays and error reporting.

Behavior adjustments

  • Calendar views now show all dates in the future when searching or filtering events, as opposed to the default all_events_month_range setting.


  • Fixed an issue where <em> tags could sometimes be saved as a self-closed HTML tag, causing parsing problems.
  • Fixed an issue where event RSS feeds did not indicate a georss:featurename when an event had a custom location that was not also plotted to a map.
  • Fixed the format of locations in the JSON-LD structured data for online events utilized by rich search results.
  • Fixed an issue where frontend calendar components would not validate on servers running PHP7+.
  • Fixed an issue preventing a group theme from loading properly when utilizing the new _ingredients/themes/_group subdirectory.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some API updates via url to fail with a save error.
  • Fixed an issue that could arise when a file include starts with a <body> tag.
  • Fixed a group authorization issue that could lead to missing event types or news categories on the editor screen.


  • Extended security rules for blocking malicious URL requests.
  • Updated detection code used for web and search engine crawlers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused several errors to be logged about output buffering.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause LiveWhale to erroneously detect SSL support at a web node behind a load balancer.
  • Fixed an issue where the version number displayed was not immediately reflective of an upgrade on your first login.

July 01, 2022

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