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The LiveWhale Test Drive

A few starter tips:

Text Editing is Really Super Easy

See where it says “Edit Page” up there, after you log in?  Click that.  Edit the page.  Save and publish (or save as a draft).  You’re done, it’s that easy! so easy

Styling Text

You can manage custom styles (via the “Styles” menu in the toolbar) or block elements (paragraph, h2, h3, etc.) via the “Format” menu. You can give your content editors as much or as little creative freedom as you like— both menus are customizable.  We’ve included some simple options for styling text and links to get you started.

Adding Images and Video

Also easy! To put an image on your page, click the image icon ().  You can add one of the splendid images we’ve included in the image library, or upload something from your computer. Please don’t make us regret offering you that option.  :)

Video is easy too.  Click the filmstrip icon and enter the URL of any YouTube or Vimeo video. (The list of allowed media sources is customizable, and can include your own streaming media server as well.  Here’s a video link to get you started in case you don’t have one:

MEenejee: Not everything is editable!

You’ll see some text to the right that you can’t change.  LiveWhale site administrators can make any region of a webpage editable, simply by adding class=”editable” to the content area in question.  Usually this is done at the template level— all “main_content” sections are editable by users— but you can make very granular, specific decisions, even allowing editing of just a single paragraph or line of text on a page!

We’re keeping our eyes on you

It’s easy to get notifications when users make changes to pages; simply subscribe to a feed of changes to any given page and you’ll get an email when the content changes. We’re subscribed to changes for this page, so once you’re done, we’ll pop in and check out your work.


OK, lesson’s over.  Knock yourself out!  And don’t worry— once you’re done, it’s easy to revert to a previous version. You can do that yourself— clean up on your way out!— or we’ll do it for you.  This page resets its content daily, so if you write any masterpieces in here, keep a copy!

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This demo is only a small part of the LiveWhale story.

Content editors using LiveWhale do all sorts of things— create stories and events, upload images and manage photo galleries, store downloadable files and Web forms, and lots more.

This demo only covers the basic page editing functions of LiveWhale.  We’re pretty proud of our page editor— we think it’s the easiest way to edit a webpage you’ll find anywhere.  But there’s a lot more to the story (and lots more great user interfaces throughout the LiveWhale system).

We’d love to give you access to see all of LiveWhale.  To sign up for a demo and a sandbox installation of your own, fill out this form and we’ll contact you right away.


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