Title: The Role of Biotrade In Protecting the Peruvian Rainforest

Date: 12:30pm EDT October 4
Description:,0,900,900/139892_public_event_2.webp 2x,,0,900,900/139892_public_event_2.webp 3x"/>,0,900,900/139892_public_event_2.png 3x"/>,0,900,900/139892_public_event_2.png 3x" loading="lazy"/> Professor Silvia Maier and Professor Jens Rudbeck, Clinical Associate Professors at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, will discuss how the Peruvian government seeks to alter the dynamics of land use through the promotion of Biotrade. They will also share their research on how Biotrade impacts gender relations, income, and food security among farmers in Peru’s Ucayali region. Finally, they will address the potential of market-based solutions, such as Biotrade, to the climate crisis.
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