LiveWhale Conference 2021

We’re hosting the conference online again this year. Of course, we can’t wait to see everyone in person soon—fingers crossed for 2022! It’s open to LiveWhale CMS, Calendar, and Storyteller developers and is free to attend

Mark your calendars

This year’s conference will be online and condensed to a single day. You’ll have the chance to ask us questions, interact with other LiveWhalers, and learn new ways to use the software to your advantage. Although it’s free, you must register prior to the conference. If you are interested in additional swag and bonus materials, we have a Premium Conference Pass for purchase (see info below).

Friday, December 10, 2021

1pm - 5pm Eastern

10am - 2pm Pacific

Attendance is free

In an effort to make our conference accessible to as many of our customers as possible, we’re offering this year’s conference free of charge.

As we did last year, we’re offering an optional Premium Conference Pass, which includes our annual conference t-shirt, access to recorded presentations, and some other goodies

In any case, please register to let us know you’re coming!

What we’ll cover

As always, most topics will be relevant to LiveWhale Calendar, LiveWhale Storyteller, and LiveWhale CMS clients alike. Please join us for one or all sessions: you’ll learn from us, and we’ll learn from you.

We are finalizing our conference schedule; a detailed list of sessions and topics will be sent out in the next few weeks. But here’s an overview of the topics we plan to cover:

Welcome session: nice to meet you!

Introductions and preliminaries—a bit about what to expect from the day and who is here!

New features for alumni magazines and email newsletters

Whether you use LiveWhale Calendar, CMS, or Storyteller, you’ve probably got an alumni newsletter, and you probably send out lots of email newsletters. We have some new tools to help produce magazines and newsletters with LiveWhale, no matter what product you use. 

LiveWhale show and tell

We’ve collected some of our favorite case studies of neat stuff people are doing in LiveWhale — some of it built by us, some built by you — and we’ll take you on a tour of what’s out there.

New editing tools that make it simple to create and edit complex page layouts

The new version of LiveWhale has a new feature that allows you to create and manage content layouts — columns, grids, and other “fancy” text and image presentations — in editable areas of your webpage. And now your users can deploy those without needing your help.  They’re called “content layouts,” and we’ll show you how they work.

Discussion forum

Let’s learn from each other! We will split up into moderated discussion groups to connect with your fellow Whales from other schools on a few topics.

A new look for LiveWhale Calendar

LiveWhale Calendar was designed to be completely customizable, and many of our customers have created unique and personalized design templates. But for those of you who haven’t — or who are just ready for a new look for your front end calendar — we have some great new themes coming out that can give your calendar a fresh new look with minimal hassle and expense.

What’s new in LiveWhale

Short answer: A lot.  We’ll walk you through what we’ve been working on. 

Social hour

We’ll close out the conference with a Zoom social, including opportunities for some friendly competition between Whales.


Costs and Registration Links

Choose your registration level: 

  • Conference Pass:
    Free (requires registration)
  • Premium Pass:
    Includes T-shirt, recordings of all sessions, and a few other surprises.
    $40 per person

Register Now!

Add to your LiveWhale T-shirt collection! 

This year’s Sacha-designed t-shirt features our favorite skateboarding whale (previously seen tucked into the middle of

We’ll be printing on a nice soft tri-blend shirt that’s extremely comfortable and wearable.

Everyone who chooses the Premium Conference Pass gets one. Sign up by November 12 and your t-shirt should arrive in time for the conference!