LiveWhale CMS

Content management for storytellers

LiveWhale was created in 2007 by the team at White Whale Web Services, an award-winning Web design firm that has collaborated with colleges and universities throughout the country for over a decade.

We’ve always been dedicated to the idea that your school’s Web presence is your most important marketing platform; it’s the place where your story is told. Over the years we’ve come into contact with most commercial and open source CMS platforms, and never found anything worthy of our customers’ stories.  We found our clients dissatisfied with existing CMS options, often winding up with generic, one-size-fits-all CMS platforms that were difficult to administer and use. Our experience with those environments, and our years of experience creating custom Web applications for colleges and universities, led us to create LiveWhale.

Jason Pontius, president

Alex Romanovich, Technical Director

David McKelvey, Director of Customer Support

Tonya Moyle, Vice President

Janie Porche, Creative Director

Jason Schupp, Developer

Isaac McGowan, Developer

Kristin Lueke, Content Strategist

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White Whale: The Road Trip

This video’s a couple of years old, but it still tells the story of our company better than anything we’ve come up with since.